Unemployed fresh graduates in India.

This article applies to fresh graduates of engineering, science and other streams as well.

It is a fact that we have a large number of students graduating from the many engineering and science colleges every year. It is also a fact that many students are recruited on campus by recruiters and start working immediately after graduation.  There are a large number of fresh graduates who want jobs and earn money but are not able to do so. Why?

  1. Can it be blamed on not scoring enough in your academic grades?
  2. Can it be blamed on not able to crack that interview/test of the recruiting company on your campus?
  3. Can it be blamed on not having enough practical knowledge in the field?
  4. Can it be blamed on not making great efforts to gain knowledge and subsequently employment?
  5. Can it be blamed on pursuit of big company jobs and zero focus on other opportunities?
  6. Can it be blamed on the concept “Nobody gives job to a fresher”?
  7. Can it be blamed on parents?
  8. Can it be blamed on our tendency of using “influence” to get a job?
  9. Can it be blamed on all of above?

Let’s look at this situation and aim to resolve it.

In general students can be classified in 3 types:

Student type 1: Keen, Interested in studies, fast learner, good in academics

Most parents want their children to become doctors, engineers, double graduates etc. Many parents are ready to pay exorbitant fees at reputed colleges to achieve this. If the student is in synchronization with the parent’s vision then it works positively. Moreover, if the student is interested in the subject, all the more good.  The student graduates and if everything goes well, gets a job and settles down in life.

Student type 2: Less keen, not interested in studies, slow learners, poor in academics

If the student in not in synchronization with parents vision then many negatives can occur. Less interest in studies, less attendance in college etc leads to poor academic performance. This spirals into situations where the student looses interest in the studies and becomes a laggard. Parent’s pressure and peer pressure force such students to complete the graduation with poor academic grades.

There are many examples where students have opted for a different field all together after doing graduation due to dislike of their course/stream.

Student type 3: Keen, average interest in studies, average in academics

There is this third type of student who studies, but is clearly the average type of student. These types of students are in the class just to get that exclusive degree. They feel that once they get the degree, they would get good jobs. Though this is true, these students do not live up to the expectations of the course. These students tend to score averagely in academics and graduates at average scores. These students are most likely to remain unemployed for longer duration.

What do unemployed fresh graduates do?

Besides looking for a job, unemployed fresh graduates also tend to do some courses that can enhance their educational qualification. Many join a post graduate course in their stream to study further with the hope that the post graduation will get them the desired job.

There are many who get swayed by positive reviews about a PG course and join the course only to find that it’s tough, it’s not what they want. Such students just complete the course with poor academic grades or leave the course midway. This is completely undesirable.

There are other situations where the PG course itself is not conducted properly and students are cheated in the name of certification. That is a diferent matter for seperate discussion.

Students need to make more efforts to do a PG course. If you do not make 100% efforts, chances are that you will not feel interested in doing the course itself. This is happening with a lot of fresh graduates in our country.

If this is your mindset then it is high time!!!

You need to re-invent yourself. Go back to basics.


Swami Vivekanand says “People say believe in this, believe in that, but I say believe in yourself. Let it be known that you have all the power”.

An unemployed fresh graduate should analyze what interests him/her. Do not fall prey to advertisements promising great jobs, great careers and positive reviews. Do not join because your friend is also joining. First check the course content. Ask yourself “Is this what I really want “? If the answer is yes go ahead and learn. Give your 100% while doing the course.

Get the message?

Get going guys !!!


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